$20,8 Miljoen toegezegd tijdens Telethon



Hayastan All Armenian Fund’s 13th Telethon, aired on Thanksgiving Day,

November 25, 2010, raised $20,8 million donations and pledges. Airing live from California, the show was televised throughout the globe on satellite and cable networks, as well as Internet.
This year the Telethon was live broadcast by H1, Shant, Armenia, and Yerkir Media TV stations in Armenia.

The annual Telethon reported on global fundraising totals for the year 2010 including phoneathon, radiothon, benefit bike rides, gala dinners, concerts, and exhibitions, donations made at post offices in Armenia or through SMS.

The funds collected through the 2010 fundraising drive will help provide solutions to the critical issues of clean drinking water and irrigation water in Artsakh. We will also continue our ambitious rural development program in the border villages of Armenia and Artsakh through a comprehensive and embracive development strategy, bringing visible, feasible and profound change where it is needed most.

“Water is Life indeed and as you can see in the design, the water turns into the Armenian eternity symbol as it flows out of the helping hands,” says, Los Angeles based graphic artist Edik Balayan, author of the Telethon 2010 logo.


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